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Recent developments on Parliament TV

New on-screen graphics for Parliament TV will help viewers follow proceedings in the House of Representatives more easily. A new graphic feature displaying the progress of a debate is now included for first, second and third readings of bills. Visible in the top right corner, the new graphic indicates the number of the speech, e.g. Speech 1 of 12.

21 Nov 14

Speaker advocates for democratic governance at United Nations

The Speaker of the New Zealand Parliament is in New York this week attending meetings at the United Nations (UN). Rt Hon David Carter is attending a preparatory meeting for the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) World Conference of Speakers of Parliament, which will take place in September 2015.

20 Nov 14

New Zealand represented at economic growth and development conference

This week the New Zealand Parliament is being represented at an international conference on economic growth and development.

19 Nov 14

This week in Parliament: 17 – 21 November

This is a non-sitting week in the House and no select committee meetings are scheduled, but Parliament is still open for business. Next week, the final three-week sitting block for the year will begin and there will be a comprehensive programme of select committee meetings.

17 Nov 14

Written Questions

Written questions are a key way in which the House of Representatives holds the Government to account. MPs can ask any Minister about a subject that the Minister is responsible for. There is no limit to how many questions an MP can ask.

14 Nov 14

Art tours of Parliament: Seeing the Big Picture

A new art exhibition by children and young people from around New Zealand is now on display at Parliament’s Bowen House exhibition space.

12 Nov 14

Armistice Day Ceremony

At the 11th hour of 11th day of November 1918, the guns fell silent across the trenches of the Western Front, marking the end of the First World War. Parliament marks this poignant moment with the Armistice Memorial Commemoration Ceremony on Tuesday 11 November at 11.00am.

11 Nov 14

This week in Parliament

This week, the House is in the first of two adjournment weeks, which means the House does not meet. However, other aspects of parliamentary life continue without the need for the House to be sitting.

10 Nov 14

Royal assent

In New Zealand, no law can take effect until it has received the Royal assent. The first Royal assents of the 51st Parliament are expected to be given this week when the Governor-General assents to five Acts of Parliament that have been passed by the House in the first sitting block.

06 Nov 14

Wednesday 5 November: PM’s statement and Members’ day

The Prime Minister will make a ministerial statement in the House on an issue of national security at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, 5 November.

05 Nov 14

First extended sitting of the new Parliament

The first extended sitting of the 51st Parliament will take place from 9 am on Wednesday, 5 November. At 10 pm on Tuesday evening the House will be suspended. Debate on whichever bill is before the House at that time will be interrupted, to resume on another day.

04 Nov 14

What’s happening in the House this week: 4 – 6 November

With the Address in Reply debate completed, on Tuesday and Thursday the House will concentrate on Government business. In the Business Statement for this week the Government indicated that the focus would be on first readings of bills including the Policing (Cost Recovery) Amendment Bill and the Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Legislation Bill.

03 Nov 14

Parliamentary shield for the 50th Parliament

The parliamentary shield for the 50th Parliament (2011 – 2014) has just been hung in a corridor of Parliament House. Each shield is a framed set of photographs of all the members who served during a Parliament, as well as the Clerk of the House and the Serjeant-at-Arms, and, more recently, the Clerk Assistant or Deputy Clerk.

31 Oct 14

Recommended sitting programme for the rest of 2014 and for 2015

The Business Committee has made recommendations to the House about sitting dates for the rest of 2014 and for 2015. The House has to agree to the recommended programme for it to become effective.

29 Oct 14

What’s happening in the House this week?

The Address in Reply debate will continue after oral questions every day until it is completed. It has 8 hours 45 minutes left to run. The debate is about the government’s programme outlined in the Governor-General’s speech last week and other current issues.

28 Oct 14

Select committee membership

Members of select committees have now been appointed for the 51st Parliament. At their first meetings, held this week, all committees chose a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson.

24 Oct 14

Disclosure of expenses claimed by members of Parliament

Expenses claimed by members of Parliament for the 3 months from 1 July to 30 September 2014 have been released.

23 Oct 14

Where MPs sit in the House

There are 121 MPs in the newly elected 51st Parliament. A plan showing where they sit in the House can be downloaded from this website.

22 Oct 14

Address in Reply debate and maiden speeches

After the ceremony and spectacle of the State Opening, Parliament gets down to business on Tuesday afternoon with the Address in Reply debate, the House’s response to the Governor-General’s Speech from the Throne.

21 Oct 14

Election and confirmation of Speaker

At the Commission Opening earlier today members of Parliament elected Rt Hon David Carter as the Speaker for the 51st Parliament. The election of the Speaker is the first task of every new Parliament once the MPs have been sworn in.

20 Oct 14